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Blessed Lord, our hallelujahs (words only)

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Worship & Remembrance # 42



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[Recording forthcoming, Lord willing]

Blessed Lord, our hallelujahs Now to Thee we raise.
Never could we fully utter All Thy worth and praise!

Praise the Lamb, for He is worthy!
Sweet eternal strain.
Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
Praise the Lord! Amen.

Praise the Lamb! Yes, Thou art worthy, Who didst shed Thy blood
To redeem Thy saints, and make us Kings and priests to God!

Yes! we praise Thee, for Thou lov'st us; And we bless Thee, Lrod,
For Thy ceaseless intercession, And Thy precious Word.

Hallelujah! Thou, Lord Jesus, Canst not cease to love;
Thine we are and Thine forever, One with Thee above.

Praise the Lord! Yes, hallelujah! Who would hush the song?
Join with saints from every nation Every tribe and tongue.

Song Info

Author: H. D'A. Champney
Composer: Philip P. Bliss