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Praise Ye the Lord Again, Again

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"Praise ye the Lord," again, again. The Spirit strikes the chord;
Nor toucheth He our hearts in vain; We praise, we praise the Lord.

"Rejoice in Him," again, again, The Spirit speaks the word,
And faith takes up the happy strain; Our joy is in in the Lord.

"Stand fast in Christ," ah, yet again He teacheth all the band!
Since human efforts are in vain, In Christ it is we stand.

"Clean every whit;" Thou saidst it, Lord; Shall one suspicion lurk?
Thine, surely, is a faithful word, And Thine a finished work.

Forever be the glory giv'n To Thee, O Lamb of God!
Our every joy on earth, in heav'n, We owe it to Thy blood.

Song Info

Author: Mary Bowley Peters
Composer: Thomas A. Arne