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Lord, We Would Ne'er Forget Thy Love

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Truth & Praise # 134
Worship & Remembrance # 169



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Lord, we would ne'er forget Thy love, Who hast redeemed us by Thy blood;
And now, as our High Priest above Dost intercede for us with God.

Lord, we would not forget the pain, The blood-like sweat, the shameful tree,
The wrath Thy soul did once sustain, From sin and death to set us free.

We would remember we are one With ev'ry saint that loves Thy name;
United to Thee on the throne, Our life, our hope, our Lord the same.

Here, in the broken bread and wine, We hear Thee say, "remember Me!
I gave My life to ransom thine, I bore the wrath to set thee free."

Lord, we are Thine, we praise Thy love, One with Thy saints, all one in Thee;
We would, until we meet above, In all our ways remember Thee.

Song Info

Author: James G. Deck
Composer: Edward Miller