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O Lord of Glory! Who Couldst Leave

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O Lord of glory! who couldst leave
The height supreme in death to lie,
What tongue shall sing, what heart conceive
The love divine that made Thee die?
Bought with a price, forever Thine,
We break this bread, and drink this wine.

When here on earth, Thou wast alone
Proclaimer of this love to men;
Upon the cross 'twas fully known,
For God came forth to meet us then;
Rent from above, the parted veil
Announced to all that wondrous tale.

But ris'n, the Firstborn from the dead,
Triumphant hast Thou entered in;
The glorious Man, the living Head,
Thrice worthy Thou our hearts to win:
In Thy blest face all glories shine,
And there we gaze on love divine

Song Info

Author: L. E. Bevir
Composer: James G. Walton