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Down to the Depths of Woe

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Down to the depths of woe
Christ came to set me free:
He bared His breast, received the blow,
Which Justice aimed at me!

There Justice met my sin,
On the accursed tree:
To prove His love, my heart to win,
Christ "gave Himself for me!"

As Advocate on high,
My soul, He pleads for thee!
And when I wander, draws me nigh -
He ever lives for me!

Through all this desert place,
My Guide and Strength is He,
Till I shall see Him face to face,
When He shall come for me!

Yes! soon this waiting hour
On time's swift wing shall flee:
Soon He will come in glorious power -
Jesus Himself for me!

Song Info

Author: G. W. Frazer
Composer: George Kingsley