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Thine, Lord, Thine

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Voice # 135

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Thine, Lord, Thine

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Thine, Lord, Thine,
No more this heart of mine
Shall seek its joy apart from Thee,
The world is crucified to me,
and I am Thine.

Thine, Thine alone,
My joy, my hope, my crown;
Now earthly things may fade and die;
They charm my soul no more for I
am Thine alone.

Thine, ever Thine,
Forever to recline
On love eternal, fixed and sure;
Yes, I am Thine forevermore,
Lord Jesus, Thine.

Song Info

Author: Albert Midlane
Composer: B. Hulshizer
Note: Words from "Hymns for the Little Flock"