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Lord Jesus, You Are Beautiful

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Voice # 77

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Lord Jesus, You Are Beautiful

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Lord Jesus, You are beautiful!
Your ways, Your words, they all display
The true expression of the God
Who's perfect in His every way!

Ready to do every good work;
Weary, despised, yet giving more.
The slow You taught in patience vast!
When tired, yet true; pressured, yet pure.

Truth spoken with authority,
In grace and truth laid bare man's heart;
"Never a man spoke like this Man!"
Pure words of life which grace impart.

Your Father pleased in all Your ways;
A heart that beat to do His will;
Submission to what He desired;
Knowing the cup, You drank it still!

None other than the Son of God,
Who is the Father's great delight,
Could radiate God's holy ways,
His glory show in earth's dark night!

God's righteousness You have revealed.
The sinfulness of sin You've shown;
Man's wretched state, God's holiness,
Yet love as Savior now made known!

Song Info

Author: B. Hulshizer
Composer: B. Hulshizer