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All God Loves

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All God Loves


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All God loves is found in His dear Son,
The Father pleased always;
God's Joy: a sweet aroma.

All He was devoted to God's will;
Knowing all, went forward.
Love: faithful, true, obedient.

All His ways, all man should be for God!
Fine flour, consistent.
True, righteous, holy beauty!

All our peace, such fellowship with God!
Christ's work, done forever!
Rest, pleasure in His glory!

All we need is always, only Christ,
One Object, forever;
Faith's Joy, a sweet aroma!

Alternate Words for second line: In heart, mind, in work, ways

Song Info

Author: B. Hulshizer
Composer: From Beethoven
Note: Based on Christ seen in the Burnt (v 2), Meal (v 3) and Peace (v 4) Offerings of Leviticus 1-3