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They Are Not Lost, But Gone Before

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Truth & Praise # 618



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Blessed it is when Christians sleep,
They are with Christ whom they adore;
Why then should we in anguish weep?
They are not lost - but gone before.

Relieved from every mortal care,
By sin and sorrow vexed no more.
Eternal happiness they share;
They are with Christ - just gone before.

They wait for us in courts above,
Where saints all meet to part no more.
Embraced are they in arms of love,
They are with Christ - whom they adore.

Soon, soon, our blessed Lord will come,
And we shall meet those gone before.
We then shall find in that blest home,
They've been with Christ - whom they adore

Song Info

Author: Alt. by Thomas B. Gilbert
Composer: Lowell Mason