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Oh Mighty God

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Oh Mighty God


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Oh mighty God omnipotent, We laud Thy matchless worth.
All power belongeth unto Thee, in heaven and in earth.
Not bound in wisdom, strength, or time, the same eternally.
The great "I Am", the One "Most High" - Oh Lord, we worship Thee.

Creator, God, Thy majesty Thy many works proclaim.
How vast Thy starry universe which doth exalt Thy name!
And yet the lily of the field, complete so perfectly,
Portrays the great Creator's skill - Oh Lord, we worship Thee.

Oh Sovereign Lord, the Lord of Hosts, The King of Kings are Thou;
In homage countless angels fall; To Thee doth nature bow.
Though some men scoff, the hour shall come when all must bow the knee.
But willingly we praise Thee now - Oh Lord, we worship Thee.

Redeemer, Saviour of mankind in this we marvel most:
That being in the form of God in this Thou did'st not boast.
But as a Servant came, and bore cruel sufferings on the tree.
And when we think it was for us - Oh Lord, we worship Thee!

Song Info

Author: David and Ruth Ann Logan
Composer: David and Ruth Ann Logan