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Within the Veil

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Truth & Praise # 417



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"Within the Veil:" Be this, belov'd, thy portion,
Within the secret of thy Lord to dwell;
Beholding Him, until thy face His glory,
Thy life His love, thy lips His praise shall tell.

"Within the Veil," for only as thou gazest
Upon the matchless beauty of His face,
Canst thou become a living revelation
Of His great heart of love, His untold grace.

"Within the Veil," His fragrance poured upon thee.
Without the Veil, that fragrance shed abroad:
"Within the Veil," His hand shall tune the music
Which sounds on earth the praises of thy Lord.

"Within the Veil," thy spirit deeply anchored,
Thou walkest calm above a world of strife:
"Within the Veil" thy soul with Him united.
Shall live on earth His resurrection life.

Song Info

Author: Freda H. Allen
Composer: Unknown