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His Love Is Wonderful to Me

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Love divine! Oh, sing the wondrous story,
Far and near the glorious news proclaim;
How for us God's only Son was given,
Bringing life to all who trust His name.

REFRAIN:His love is wonderful to me....
His love is wonderful to me; ...
For Jesus loved me so,
He did to Calv'ry go;
His love is wonderful to me.

Love divine, 'twas manifest in Jesus
As He walked and talked by Galilee;
He who knew no sin became my Saviour,
On the cross He "paid it all" for me.

Love divine, the balm for ev'ry heartache,
Love divine, the refuge of my soul;
Take my life, possess my inmost nature,
Over all my being have control.

Song Info

Author: Paul White
Composer: Paul White