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As I Was, the Father Loved Me

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Truth & Praise # 305



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As I was the Father lov'd me -
Lov'd me in my sin and shame:
Yes a great way off, He saw me;
Ran and kiss'd me as I came!

Gave me Christ, the Robe of glory,
Spotless as the heav'ns above,
Not to meet my tho'ts of fitness,
But His wondrous tho'ts of love!

Not a servant at God's gateway,
But a Son within His home,
To the love, the joy, the singing,
To the glory I am come!

Tis the Cross of Christ the Saviour,
Hath the Father's heart made known,
All His grace to me, the sinner,
Told in judgment on His Son!

Measured by that Cross, that darkness,
O how deep God's love must be!
Deep as were Christ's depths of anguish,
Is the Father's love for me!

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Composer: C.J. Dickinson