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Truth & Praise # 553



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How I praise Thee, precious Savior,
That Thy love laid hold of me;
Thou has saved and cleansed and filled me
That I might Thy channel be.

Channels only, blessed Master--
But with all Thy wondrous pow'r
Flowing thru us, Thou canst use us
Every day and every hour.

Emptied that Thou shouldest fill me,
A clean vessel in Thy hand,
With no pow'r but as Thou givest
Graciously with each command.

Witnessing Thy power to save me,
Setting free from self and sin;
Thou who boughtest to possess me,
In Thy fulness Lord come in.

Jesus, fill now with Thy Spirit
Hearts that full surrender know,
That the streams of living water
From our inner man may flow.

Song Info

Author: Mary E. Maxwell
Composer: Ada Rose Gibbs