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Love, Love, LOVE

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Truth & Praise # 633


Voice # 79
Good News # 14

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Love, love, L-O-V-E,
Love, love, boundless and free;
Jesus left heaven to die on the tree
This was love, love, love!

Done, done, D-O-N-E,
Done, done, done perfectly!
"Finished!" Christ cried, when on Calv'ry He died,
So it's done, done, done!

Come, come, C-O-M-E,
Come, come, "come unto Me";
Jesus receives whosoever believes,
When they come, come, come!

Mine, mine, M-I-N-E,
Mine, mine, eternally;
Wonderful love, Jesus came from above
To be mine, mine, mine!

Song Info

Author: William B. Mackie
Composer: William B. Mackie
Note: With gospel intro for Good News for You collection