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God so loved me that He gave His own blessed Son;
There is no one else can save: Jesus is the One.

Still my heart must opened be, and the Saviour I must see;
Must believe He died for me, me, a little child.

Though I try hard every day to be good and kind;
Though I learn nice prayers to say, And my parents mind.

I may never stay away from the Sunday School;
I may always, when at play, use the "Golden Rule."

I may often learn a verse from God's holy Book;
Know about the sin and curse that the Saviour took.

Though I may not lie or steal, and am well behaved;
As a sinner I must know that I must be saved.

Final Refrain:
Then my heart will opened be, and the Saviour I shall see;
Will believe He died for me, me, a little child.

Song Info

Author: Grover Kettlewell
Composer: Robert L. Haslup