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Saviour of Sinners

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Christ is the Saviour of sinners, Christ is the Saviour for me;
Long I was chained in sin's darkness, Now by His grace I am free.

Saviour (Saviour) of sinners, Saviour of sinners like me,
Shedding His blood for my ransom, Christ is the Saviour for me.

Now I can say I am pardoned, Happy and justified free,
Saved by my blessed Redeemer, This is the Saviour for me.

Just as I was He received me. Seeking from judgement to flee,
Now there is no condemnation, This is the Saviour for me.

Soon shall the glory be dawning, Then His own face I shall see,
Sing, O my soul, in the gladness, This is the Saviour for me.

Song Info

Author: Heyman Wreford
Composer: James McGranahan