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He Comes, Emmanuel Comes!

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Truth & Praise # 195



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He comes, Emmanuel comes! Jesus the crucified!
The Man of sorrows - He Who bow'd His head and died;
He hath redeem'd us by His blood: He comes to take us home to God.

He comes! Our Advocate, Who bears us on His breast;
Himself to take us home to His eternal rest:
Oh, let the hope dispel each fear - Our great High Priest will soon appear.

He comes! Our Shepherd comes, Whose eyelids never sleep:
To gather in the skies The thousands of His sheep;
Where the eternal fountains spring, Of love divine, His flock He'll bring.

He comes! The Heir of all! All shall His power obey:
Our Bridegroom to His Church His glories shall display:
But Oh! His love, what tongue can tell, Eternal, vast, unsearchable!

"Behold, I quickly come!" Responsive to Thy word,
The Spirit and the Bride Cry "Even so, O Lord!"
Naught else can satisfy her heart, But to be with Thee where Thou art.

Song Info

Author: James G. Deck
Composer: John Darwall