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Salvation, Salvation

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Truth & Praise # 244



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We love to sing of the Lord who died,
And His wondrous love proclaim;
How there's life and peace through the Crucified,
And salvation through His name.

Salvation! Salvation! Vast, full and free;
Through the precious blood of the Son of God
Who was slain on Calvary.

Oh! The height and depth of His boundless love,
And His mercy who can tell,
When He came to the cross from the throne above
To save our souls from hell!

Our sins and guilt were upon Him laid,
He the wrath of God endured,
By His precious blood an atonement made,
And our full discharge procured.

Ascended now to God's right hand,
A conqu'ror o'er the grave,
He bids us tell through ev'ry land
His mighty pow'r to save.

Song Info

Author: T. D. W. Muir
Composer: William Shaw, Arr. John R. Stirling