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Bride of the Lamb

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Worship & Remembrance # 229


Voice # 18
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Bride of the Lamb, there is for thee
One only safe retreat;
Where Jesus is thy heart should be,
Thy home at His dear feet.

When Satan tracks thy lonely way,
There his temptations meet;
In Jesus' presence watch and pray,
Yea, conquer at His feet.

Since thou hast much to learn, e'en tho'
Thou are in Christ complete,
In grace and knowledge seek to grow,
By sitting at His feet.

Thro' tribulation hasten on,
With Christ the cross is sweet;
The little while will soon be gone,
Keep only at His feet.

Bride of the Lamb, forget the past,
Prepare the Lord to greet;
'Tis thine to share His throne, and cast
Thy wreath before His feet.

Song Info

Author: Mrs. Thompson
Composer: From Beethoven