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Brethren, Let Us Join to Bless

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Worship & Remembrance # 40



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Brethren, let us join to bless
Jesus Christ, our joy and peace
He, who bowed His head so low
Underneath our load of woe.

His the curse, the wounds, the gall,
His the stripes - He bore them all;
His the dying and the pain
When our sins He did sustain.

He, the accepted Sacrifice,
From the vanquished grave did rise;
Free Himself, He set us free
In His perfect liberty.

Ransomed now, accepted, free,
Safe from judgment, Lord, in Thee,
We rejoice that God can bless
All who do Thy name confess.

Praise our God who willed it thus;
Praise the Lamb who died for us;
Praise the Father, through the Son,
Who so vast a work hath done!

Song Info

Author: John Cennick
Composer: George F. Handel; arr. by William H. Monk