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Eternal Love

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Truth & Praise # 17



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Eternal Love! Oh, mighty sea,
That hath not bounds, or shore,
I gaze upon Thy tide-less waves,
I know that Love that loving saves,
I worship, and adore.

Eternal Love, Eternal Love,
That ever shall abide;
The Love that saves, the Love that keeps,
What vastness in Thy glorious deeps,
Oh ocean deep and wide!

Eternal Love that loveth me,
And loving, made me love,
That brought my Saviour pain and loss,
The awful anguish of the Cross,
To lift my soul above!

Eternal Love that bore the curse,
That else must fall on me,
Now to the glory of Thy grace,
Mine eyes shall see the Saviour's face
Thru all Eternity.

Eternal Love, O Son of God,
Glorious in all Thy ways!
Thou art enthroned in light divine,
The light in which Thy saints shall shine
Thru everlasting days.

Song Info

Author: S. Trevor Francis
Composer: Frederick C. Maker