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Go, and Search the Tomb of Jesus

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Truth & Praise # 176



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Go, and search the tomb of Jesus,
Where the Lord of glory lay;
Jesus is not there, but risen,
And has borne our sins away.
It is finished! it is finished!
Captive led, captivity!

Could not all our sins retain Him,
Prisoned in the guarded cave?
These He blotted out in dying,
By His cross He spoiled the grave:
Lo! He's risen! lo! He's risen!
Yes, the Lord is ris'n indeed!

See Him now in heaven seated.
Mark His glory-circled brow;
Death, o'er Him, hath no dominion,
For He ever liveth now!
Lord, we long for that glad moment,
When to Thee, each knee shall bow!

Song Info

Author: Robert C. Chapman; Alfred P. Gibbs
Composer: James Tilleard