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Some Golden Daybreak

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Worship & Remembrance # 215



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Some glorious morning sorrow will cease,
Some glorious morning all will be peace;
Heartaches all ended, school-days all done,
Heaven will open Jesus will come.

Some golden daybreak Jesus will come;
Some golden daybreak, battles all won,
He'll shout the vict'ry, break thro' the blue,
Some golden daybreak, for me, for you.

Sad hearts will gladden, all shall be bright,
Goodbye forever to earth's dark night;
Changed in a moment, like Him to be,
Oh, glorious daybreak, Jesus I'll see,

Oh, what a meeting, there in the skies,
No tears nor crying shall dim our eyes;
Loved ones united eternally,
Oh, what a daybreak that morn will be.

Song Info

Author: Carl A. Blackmore
Composer: Carl A. Blackmore