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Glory to God on High

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"Glory to God on high!
Peace upon earth and joy,
Good will to man."
We who God's blessing prove,
His Name all names above,
Sing now, the Savior's love,
Too vast to scan.

Mercy and truth unite,
O 'tis a wondrous sight -
All sights above!
Jesus the curse sustains!
Guilt's bitter cup He drains!
Nothing for us remains,
Nothing but love.

Love that no tongue can teach,
Love that no thought can reach:
No love like His.
God is its blessed source,
Death ne'er can stop its course,
Nothing can stay its force;
Matchless it is.

Blest in this love we sing;
To God our praises bring;
All sins forgiv'n.
Jesus, our Lord, to Thee
Honor and majesty,
Now, and forever be,
Here, and in heaven!

Song Info

Author: Thomas Kelly
Composer: Lowell Mason