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Lord! Accept Our Joyful Song

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Truth & Praise # 53
Worship & Remembrance # 18



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Lord! accept our joyful song; Power and praise to Thee belong;
We would all Thy grace record, Holy, holy, holy Lord!

Rich in glory, Thou did'st stoop, Thence is all Thy people's hope;
Thou wast poor, that we might be Rich in glory, Lord, with Thee!

When we think of love like this, Joy and shame our hearts possess;
Joy, that Thou could'st pity thus, Shame, for such returns from us.

Yet we soon the day shall see, When we shall from sin be free:
When, to Thee in glory brought, We shall serve Thee as we ought.

Song Info

Author: Thomas Kelly
Composer: George F. Handel; arr. by William H. Monk