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O lead me to the Man that died, Who all God's nature glorified;
Descending to the depths of woe; And for us vanquished every foe!

O lead me to the empty tomb His death has robbed of all its gloom;
He's ris'n! the Lord of life and peace, And holds me in His fond embrace.

O lead me up to heaven's height, To see the Lord enthroned in light;
That gazing on His glory there, I may reflect His image here.

O lead me to that meeting rare, so often longed for in the air;
Then, then, His blessed face I'll see, And praise Him through eternity.

O lead me on to Zion's hill, To see the Lord His Word fulfil;
His glorious King is sitting there, Ruling o'er earth and sea and air.

O lead me to that scene sublime, Prepared by God before all time;
Sin, death, and night have passed away; Light, life, and love are there to stay.

There, too, the Eternal Three in One, Blest Father, Spirit and the Son,
Rest undisturbed forevermore; I wonder, worship, and adore!

Song Info

Author: Alfred Mace
Composer: H. Percy Smith