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Jesus, My Saviour! Thou Art Mine

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Truth & Praise # 435
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Jesus, my Saviour! Thou art mine,
The Father's gift of love divine;
All Thou hast done, and all Thou art,
Are now the portion of my heart.

Poor, feeble, wretched, as I am,
I now can glory in Thy name;
Now cleansed in Thy most precious blood,
And made the righteousness of God.

All that Thou hast Thou hast for me,
All my fresh springs are hid in Thee;
In Thee I live; while I confess
I nothing am, yet all possess.

O Saviour, teach me to abide,
Close sheltered at Thy wounded side,
Each hour receiving grace, on grace,
Until I see Thee face to face.

Song Info

Author: James G. Deck
Composer: George Hews