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Praise the Lord, Who Died to Save Us

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Worship & Remembrance # 24



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Praise the Lord, who died to save us,
Praise His ever gracious name;
Praise Him that He lives to bless us,
Now and evermore the same:
Blessed Savior! Blessed Savior!
We would all Thy love proclaim.

Grace it was, yea, grace abounding,
Brought Thee down to save the lost;
Ye above, His throne surrounding,
Praise Him, praise Him all His host;
Saints! Adore Him! Saints! Adore Him!
Ye are they who owe Him most.

We, of all His hand created,
Objects of such grace alone,
By eternal love elected,
Destined now to share His throne,
Sing with wonder, Sing with wonder,
Sing of what our Lord hath done.

Praise His Name, who died to save us;
'Tis by Him His people live;
And in Him the Father gave us
All that boundless love could give:
Life eternal, Life eternal
In our Savior we receive.

Song Info

Author: Thomas Kelly
Composer: William L. Viner