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Great the Joy When Christians Meet

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Worship & Remembrance # 16



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Great the joy when Christians meet;
Christian fellowship, how sweet!
When, our theme of praise the same,
We exalt Jehovah's name.

Sing we then eternal love,
Such as did the Father move;
He beheld the world undone,
Loved the world and gave His Son.

Sing the Son's unbounded love,
How He left the realms above,
To rejoin the Father's side,
With a bloodbought, spotless Bride.

Sing we too the Spirit's love,
With our stubborn hearts He strove
He revealed the Son of God,
And the value of His blood.

Sweet the thought, exceeding sweet,
We shall soon in glory meet,
Where, the Savior still the theme,
We shall ever sing of Him!

Song Info

Author: G. Burder
Composer: John B. Dykes