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O God Our Father, We Would Come

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Truth & Praise # 67
Worship & Remembrance # 103



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O God our Father, we would come to Thee
In virtue of our Saviourís precious blood;
All distance gone; our souls by grace set free;
We worship Thee, our Father and our God.

We would, O God, present before Thy face
The fragrant name of Thy beloved Son;
By faith we view Him in that holy place,
Which, by His dying, He for us has won.

We share Thy joy in Him who sitteth there;
Our hearts delight in Thy delight in Him;
Chiefest of thousands, fairer than the fair;
His glory naught can tarnish, naught can dim.

We bow in worship now before Thy throne,
By faith the Object of Thy love we would see;
Who, in the midst, His brethrenís song doth lead.
To Him, our Saviour, shall the glory be!

Song Info

Author: W. B. Dick
Composer: Ira D. Sankey